Sparrow Rose Jones (sparrowrose) wrote in right_minded,
Sparrow Rose Jones

Hello, Right Minded folks!

Welcome to the Right Minded community.

This community is dedicated to exploring the Great Western tradition from a conservative perspective. To maintain as harmonious an inquiry as possible, the community is private.

If you would like to join, please send an e-mail to the forum maintainer. Be sure to remove the *s from the address. Don't leave the subject line blank or your mail will probably get thrown away as spam. Put something about Right Minded in the subject line.

What should your e-mail say? Tell me your live journal name so I can see who you are. (If your journal is friends-only, be sure to remember to add me so I can see it.) Tell me why you would like to participate in a discussion forum with other conservatives.

Afraid you aren't conservative enough or aren't intellectual enough? Don't worry. We're not looking for Mensa-level super-genius I.Q.s or checking your right-wing credentials. What really counts is an interest in Western culture and a sincere interest in discussing it within a conservative context.
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