ladyaubrey (ladyaubrey) wrote in right_minded,

Kerry is a Traitor

The American Thinker publishes an article by Nathan Hale who pens what so many of us are thinking : unsung heros are the ones that hold our future in their hands, and they should not go forgotten.

John Kerry, like the liberal wing of the Democratic Party he represents, was as wrong on communism as he could have been, without taking out formal membership in the CPUSA. His "Dear Commandante" letter to the Sandinista dictator Ortega in Nicaragua should be required reading by anyone who has any doubts about his "secret plan" to get us out of Iraq. Kerry is cut from the same cloth as those who counsel Israel to give up land and make endless concessions because "this time, it's different." was not your politician or your philosopher that won the battle for freedom. It was the soldier.

John Kerry was no soldier. And despite my utter revulsion over what John McCain, along with Senator Feingold, has done to our First Amendment, and the complicity of his fellow Congressmen, McCain at least endured the Hanoi Hilton with bravery and true American spirit.

He EARNED his metals, Kerry. You just made it possible.

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